Increasing the representation
and participation of Black people in tech

The Black Tech Symposium

JUN. 28 – 30, 2022

JUL. 29, 2022


Be an Ally — as a Participating Organization with the 2nd Annual North Texas Black Tech Symposium. It’s free to support the mission.

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What is The Black Tech Symposium?

The Black Tech Symposium is a concept – to coalesce all of the nonprofits, employee resource groups, chambers of commerce, government entities, sponsors and allies working together, United, in a given geography to help increase the representation and participation of Black people in tech.

Upcoming June 28 in North Texas and July 29 in Greater Atlanta.








Learning Sessions

Applications by Participating Organizations for the North Texas 3-day Symposium are being accepted through June 20,2022. Contact Michela Underwood at with questions, or express your interest through the menu link above.

We are accepting speaking requests from individuals in the North Texas area in the following speaking tracts: Allyship, Black Employee Resource Groups, Building the next generation, Career development, Cybersecurity, Education in tech, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Equipping the next generation, Getting into tech, Hiring the best, Infrastructure, Investing in Black tech, Paying it forward, Social justice, Software development.

Please indicate your interest in speaking through the menu link above.


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