First Annual Atlanta BTS Event Dives into “Building the Black Metaverse”

Atlanta Black Tech Symposium is off to a phenomenal start in showcasing regional black tech talent and insights.

The inaugural Black Tech Symposium in Atlanta, GA, had a theme that celebrates the future of black tech professionals…in the Metaverse.

As the latest technology frontier offering untold opportunity and incalculable impact, it is a virtual space that will benefit greatly from richly diverse input from the black technology community. The symposium offered a forum to showcase insights and advice on the Metaverse and other timely topics.

Highlights from the Symposium

Keynote and workshop topics for this event included everything from the Metaverse itself to NFTs, DAOs, Smart Contracts, Cybersecurity & Equity Funding.

Meet a few of our featured speakers:

Hot Topics at the Symposium

  • Zachary Farley spoke on Breaking Down The Smart Contracts, NFTs, Blockchain & Crypto Currency
  • Nickoria Johnson spoke on Diversity & Inclusion- How To Break Down The Barrier
  • Antonio Hicks spoke on Career Options In Cybersecurity & The Metaverse

See the full list of speakers and topics here.

Thank You to Our Atlanta Black Tech Symposium Sponsors!

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